Queens of the Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork” – Album Review

12 thoughts on “Queens of the Stone Age – “…Like Clockwork” – Album Review”

  1. Okay, this was actually a pretty good brief overview but when I read the part about the foo fighters, ya lost me! Give me a break with that nonsense! The FF might as well be named Coldplay because the ONLY thing they have is mainstream commercialism. While this new queens album hasn’t quit lived up to my expectations after the teasers, QOTSA do not belong anywhere near FF in regards to quality of music. Just listen to QUEENS first album. Don’t put hem in the “pop act with guitars category” Please. They are much more in the beatlesque category.

    Vampire is easily the best song on the album. Other highlights are the opener, the throwback appeal of Tail, 2/3 of My God, the outro riff on Kalopsia (very beatle like), the speaker blowing Smooth Sailing and the last but not least, the title track.

    I’m really bummed about “”Missing” because the album version certainly didnt hold up to the YouTube version. The added 3 minutes merely repeate the first three with bells on whistles. Every time I skip ahead my heart breaks because the teaser had me pumped. I have to say, I’ve been really pleased while going back through their older material. Especially the early queens. Some of it is mind blowing and it’s stood the test of time. I’m somewhat let down with Clockwork after dissecting it for some time now. It’s still better than a good 99% of modern music period.

    Vampire is tearjerkingly awsome from beginning to end


    1. Foo Fighters Rule! But seriously, the group’s longevity and consistency alone should earn them a place of respect amongst any music fan, even if their particular style doesn’t work for you. Grohl’s long career with the Foo will always be overshadowed by his short career with Nirvana, but the Foo Fighters have been a long-standing example of how to be a huge arena-rock band without being corporate tools.


  2. Hi Nolan, thanks for reading my review and for the comment. However, I do have to say that I wholeheartedly disagree with your comments about the Foo Fighters. Foo Fighters, like QOTSA are a rock band. I would not for a second call them a “pop act with guitars” like Colplay as you seem to have, which I find to be ludicrous.

    Also, with QOTSA recent tweet that they would like to go to number 1 with “…Like Clockwork” – perhaps they are themselves quite interested in mainstream commercial success? Just a thought.

    Thanks for taking an interest though! I appreciate it.


  3. Thats a very nicely written review there. Makes me want to open up the iTunes store and buy it! Not really into Queens of the Stone Age but you know, I just might be now because of you 🙂 By the way, thanks for liking my headphone review!


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