The Fall (BBC Two) – Series One Review

4 thoughts on “The Fall (BBC Two) – Series One Review”

  1. I was totally gripped by The Fall and really like this review! You’re totally right when you say that Spector is placed into a grey area, which is really clever work from the writers. I think it makes him believable as a man.

    My only issue was with Gibson. I felt the way her sex life was portrayed was a bit stereotypical of a woman making it in a ‘man’s world’ kinda thing. I would have liked her to been a bit more ‘normal’, and for the drama to have emphasised more how her female intuition gave her clues in the case (i.e. with the nail varnish). That’s probably just me though and hey, sex sells so maybe it would have been a bit boring if she had a stable marriage and 2.4 kids.


  2. Oh my! What show. I tuned into this show because I’m an X-Files junkie. And after viewing an episode of the X-Files on Netflix this show what recommended. After watching the first episode I thought it was kind of heavy. But I couldn’t stop watching. Your write-up expresses some of the same thoughts that I have. Dornan’s character is as despicable and sinister as there can be. And as you mentioned the writers purposely or ingeniously made him somewhat endearing at the same time. Even with that said I’d still like to see how this all unfolds. This show caught me by surprise and I’m glad.


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