Mercury Prize 2013 Reactions

4 thoughts on “Mercury Prize 2013 Reactions”

  1. I sort of agree with you. The Bowie album should have won because the guy is amazing and very influential. However that’s not enough on its own but the album after so many years away is pretty awesome.
    But really there were just too many good album this year on the list. I love AM and Foals. But only one can win these awards, there’s never been a draw.


  2. I think David Bowie should have won. If he did, it would have proven that the British music industry wasn’t totally f*cked yet. Think about it. In a sea of crappy pop music, rap, dubstep, 1Direction, and McBusted, it would have great to finally see a real artist get recognition. Thinking about it, all the shortlisted artists are consistently ignored by the mainstream.

    I wrote my own post about my reaction to the Mercury Prize. I hope you like it.


  3. Totally agree on Marling. I’d been dismissing her for years. (Saw her at a festival and found her really bland). But I gave her another chance with this album and it’s an absolute corker. She’d’ve been my idea of the Mercury winner.


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