The Wolf Of Wall Street – Movie Review

11 thoughts on “The Wolf Of Wall Street – Movie Review”

  1. It is precisely the hyper masculinity that is keeping me away from seeing it. I’ve always been repelled by that sort of thing and it just oozes out in the trailer. I just got around to watching “The Great Gatsby” last night and thankfully it was not as horribly steeped in it as I thought. I probably would not enjoy “The Wolf of Wall Street” though.


    1. The hyper masculinity was exactly the reason I avoided watching it myself. Then, with nothing better to do, I watched it. Yes, it is FULL of hyper masculinity and debauchery… but that is/was Wall Street. What I thought would be a celebration or glorification of Wall Street in fact became an indictment of that culture. We could have done just fine with less sex and drug usage, and still haven’t gotten the point. I’ll definitely stand firm to that fact. But by the end of the movie I loathed the Jordan Belfort’s of the world even more, and I think that was Scorsese’s hope. If not, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m wrong.


  2. The best of this type of movie I’ve seen. Best performances, best picture, best FUN in a long time. It is not “MY” life, but I watched it for what it was…..a movie.


  3. Agreed Lucas, nearly anyway. I thought it was a lot of fun and I think I went for an 8.5 out of 10. I couldn’t give it full marks though because it’s no Goodfellas (10/10) or Casino (9/10). Nice review!


  4. Stealing from Oliver Stone’s done-to-death litter box?

    Scorsese not only doesn’t have a second act,
    —–he doesn’t even have a second moment.


  5. marvelmvs, I don’t think it’s as simple as glorifying or endorsing the hyper masculine activities. What I thought was brilliant about the film is that it depicts those in high finance as hyper masculine an activity (if not more so) as the mob or boxing. If you liked Raging Bull or Goodfellas there’s no reason to hold this movie to a higher standard just because the people in it work respectable jobs. The critique you make of the film is a critique of capitalism and a well deserved one. But it’s not the film’s fault..


  6. Thanks for the “like” on my movie review of “Summertime.” The “Wolf” is a movie I plan to see – obviously a considerable contrast to my movie! I have long looked at Wall Street and ALL its shenanigans with considerable contempt. Apparently, this film will in no way change my viewpoints!


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