Study drugs: Are Modafinil, Noopept and Nootropics essential in helping students on the road to exam success?

2 thoughts on “Study drugs: Are Modafinil, Noopept and Nootropics essential in helping students on the road to exam success?”

  1. I found this topic to be very interesting actually. I remember in college there were a few guys I knew that had horrible study habits/grades in high school. Then when they got to college, they had no clue as to what to do. Even less so than your average freshman/entry level student. So early on they started to depend on it for achieving their goals essentially. These were people who wanted to become doctors, engineers, brokers, etc etc. Wide variety. For some, the after effects were all across the board. One guy sort of just felt burnt out; he graduated but his health seemed to decline, and he became less active and gained a fair amount of weight. Then there was another individual who would be calm or mild mannered one minute. Then five minutes later he would be in a mode of such great anger and fury you’d think he was possessed by some menacing force found in 7th level of hell. Like, he’s screaming every derogatory term you can think of at the top of his lungs. A bunch of other bizarre stuff. People would try to calm him down, but they’re pretty much pissing into the wind. I think he ended up having to take a break from school, although he did end up graduating.

    What I also found interesting was that midway through the article I was debating as to whether or not this was considered cheating. Then it was discussed very well. I suppose the use of the drug, while the short term gains can be beneficial, later on they can bite you in the ass. And for some people when they try to use it to study, it just wrecks everything up. As in a total cluster.

    But then there are people who literally cheat. I knew guys that were on the Deans honor list. They’d do a ton of partying, just about every recreational drug the night before an exam. Then the next day they’d go into it foggy as all hell, but just copy people’s answers. And these individual’s were not idiots in the sense that they had no clue in regards to the material. They would just rather spend their time doing whatever instead of studying. Which I suppose is their choice. But then they are also cutting corners and building up a crap foundation, really.

    And then we have the student athletes. They literally would get the actual exams a week or so before the test. They also had “tutors”, aka people that literally did all of their homework and essays and what not. So there is that. Does the fact that one is gifted physically give them the right to….coast through school basically? Who knows. They could have worked their asses off to get where they are. Or not. They could go on to play professionally. Or not. The whole higher educational system, at least in America, has way too many holes and problems it’s not even funny. A bachelor’s degree is now a glorified high school diploma or GED, even if you had a decent internship and volunteered. Then there are student loans and the cost of school in general. But that’s a whole other monster.

    Anyway, sorry I turned this reply into a small essay. Great article, keep it up!


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